44 year old man given bionic penis – really

According to a media article, a British man born without a penis has been, given a bionic one.

The article states that after more than 15 operations the 44-year old man will be able to lose his virginity to his longtime girlfriend in six weeks time. However, he will have an erection lasting ten days, as a test run before his implant is, deflated.

The ‘phalloplasty operation’ involving a pump which will create an erection and he will feel a sensation like any other man. I was never aware of this type of surgery or even if a surgeon could perform such feat.

Wikipedia information on ‘Phalloplasty’ states that the first of this operation was performed as far back as 1946 by a Doctor Harold Gillies, and a Russian surgeon performed the first reconstruction of a total penis using rib cage.

In my opinion, and the subsequent research on this type of medical operation. Having gone through 44 years without being able to have sexual intercourse must have been frustrating, now given an opportunity to enjoy what so many people take for granted must be the highlight of his life.

However, for many people like myself who had no idea about this type of medical procedure, a headline reading ‘ man given bionic penis’ not only raised a few eyebrows but make us realise how far the medical profession has come and it won’t be long before we have a fully operational bionic man, if not already done.