Media headlines that are extremely depressing


Why Should Cancer Patients Wait for Treatment

The following media headlines are causing concern and make our environment challenging to inhabit.

Child rapist murderer apologised before being given a lethal injection. But, did execution of this monster brings back the child he killed – No

A 23-year old British tourist died after getting into a fight in Ibiza. I was under the impression that people go on holiday to rest and relax not to get into a brawl where they lose their life – Ridiculous

British man tied up, with insulating tape, a woman then proceeded to rape her. The Majorcan authority arrested him. What is wrong with this idiot do they believe that they can get away with their stupid anti-social behaviour – Pathetic

A baby died after being left in a car by her grandfather. The 56-year old forget the 10-month-old baby and lock the car from 7 am to 3 pm. I can comprehend how anyone fails to remember that they have a baby in a car. I cannot see how that is an accident – Weird

A perverted landlord install cameras in his tenants’ bathroom and bedroom so he could watch them have sex. This pervert should have been, sent to prison his actions were a violation of the right to privacy – Disgraceful



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