Paedophile Ex police officer jailed for 16 years

A paedophile police officer who raped a baby has been, jailed for 16 years with a recommendation that he serves at least 12 years.

According to a media article, the ex-police officer not only abused a child he sends the video of his atrocities to other paedophiles.

What kind of mind or mentality would cause a police officer who swore to protect and serve the community would undertake such a vile, vicious and evil act against a defenceless child?

In my opinion, 16 years is a very lenient sentence for such an appalling criminal act against a baby. He should have been, sent to prison for life. This poor excuse for a human being should never be allowed back in the community or being in any position to be among children.

Considering that he his 48-years old serving 12 years will make him 60 if he gets parole after twelve years and, sent back into the community he would still pose a risk to children.

As a society, we must protect our children, and that means the judicial systems must always act in the best interest of our children and to allow this man any fraction of a chance of being released from prison is a mistake and further, put our children at the mercy of a monster.