Meeting financial needs through Divine intervention

Eternal Father and everlasting creator I come to you today on behalf of all of your children that are in financial needs, praying that you will give them the assistance they need to rise out of their economic graveyard.

Plasm107 verse 20 – 21 “He sent his word and healed them. and delivered them from their destructions.” Oh, that men would praise the Lord for his goodness and his wonderful works to the children of men.

Lord, you told us to knock, and it shall be, opened, seek, and we shall find, well today lord we are knocking and seeking help to meet our financial needs. We know that you will never go back on the words or your promise to your children, All we are asking is that you strengthen our faith in your ability to supply for our needs.

Eternal Father strengthens your people those that are in dire poverty, homeless, losing their homes, as no food or warm clothing. Lord send them a helping hand use those of your children that are in abundance to reach out to the weak, needy, and destitute today.

Today I pray all financial needs will be, met, all debts will be, eradicated, all of your children will emerge out of the economic wilderness into the light of prosperity. Lord hear our cry and harken to our voice, we praise a living God that nothing is impossible for and because of that I know that all my request shall be, answered and you will show the doubtful how awesome a Creator that you are and will always be.

It is with a firm belief that I know that the adversary has been, defeated in your name. The sacrifice your son has made for us is never in vain, and because of that, we have the right to petition your help in every walk of our lives, knowing that you will be there for us everytime we call upon you.

Heavenly Father, I pray for those who are in doubt of your incredible power and ask you to bring them into the fold of belief and acceptance, soften the hearts of those who set out to do wrong to humanity, protect every one today cover us all under your blood in Jesus name.