Prayer for the world’s disenfranchised


Father, Father today Lord I must first thank you for waking me up this morning, to see another beautiful day. I give you the glory for everyone around the world who you have, awaken in your divine glory and pray you will keep us safely through another day.

Heavenly Father, I bowed before you today and asked that you spread your loving arms around the world’s disenfranchised. I pray you will give us all the power and the strength to rise like the Phoneix out of the ashes of poverty, homelessness, drug addiction, prostitution, child abuse and the evil that is plaguing humankind.

Today Lord Jesus I would like you to help me get this message across through to hearts and minds. Break down the barriers of oppression, segregation, racism and all the isms which are keeping your children in bondage.

Eternal Father and Everlasting creator today irrespective of religious beliefs, please show your children that whatever they may call you whether it is God, Allah, Budha, whatever term they coined to worship you, instil in our hearts that you are the Almighty and no man cometh before you. Lord, we are under your banner of grace, forgiveness and above all love.

Father, your world needs healing, fairness, humanity, decency and above all love for each other. Let us pray that those who you have blessed with great wealth are willing to share out their bounty for the good of humanity and to extend a helping hand to those in dire needs.

In the name of the most, High, I send this prayer up to you to heal me of all afflictions but most importantly the entire world, in Jesus name.