Met police to increase stop and search to tackle knife crime

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Met police

According to a media article, London Mayor reveals that the Met police will significantly increase the use of stop and search to tackle the rising knife crimes.

The vast majority of the country will support this endeavour given the number of young people who have already died this year due to stabbings. Especially, when victims are known to you, anything that will take knives out of young people’s hand and stop the senseless killing must be welcomed by all.

What we also need is the courts to do their part to ensure that individuals found guilty of either committing or attempted murder via the use of a knife are, severely punished.

In my opinion, anyone stabbing someone to death should go to prison for life, if they are caught carrying a knife without reason, for example, they are a chef, they go to jail for ten years. We need to make it clear to these young people, that the police, community and the courts are serious about these senseless taking of lives.