US President Donald Trump visit to London called off

According to media reports, the US President visit to London has been called off amid fears that there will be a mass protest in the Capital.

Apparently, the President visit to, London would involve him opening the new US embassy at Nine Elms. It now seems that America Secretary of State will be, given the honour of opening the multi-million-pound embassy.

I may be wrong but, I cannot remember any other US President that the British people find so difficult to accept. It does not bode well for the so-called special relationship between the UK and US.

Irrespective of how one feels about the President, in my opinion, Mr Trump or his advisors have done the right thing in calling off the visit. There is no doubt in anyone mind that there would probably be a mass demonstration in the capital if the President did visit.

Unfortunately, the President standing among the British people are in my opinion, at an all-time low. I believe his behaviour and attitude towards the rest of the world could be one the reason why there is not a welcome mat being rolled out for Mr Trump.

I hope in, time he will be able to visit the UK and, we will welcome him to our little island and, hopefully not a sign of a demonstration against the visit.