Modern Day Domestic Slave Masters

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Slavery one of the most humiliating thing that millions of people endured.  Black people bore the brunt of slavery until it was, abolished in slaverythe US 1865 and 1836 throughout the British Empire.  Holding a person in slavery became illegal in the United Kingdom 6 April 2010.

An article appeared in the media outlying the despicable treatment of a Polish woman by a father and son.  The victim kept as a domestic slave forced to undertake household chores even when she suffered a miscarriage; she was threatened with prostitution if she did not obey the instructions.

Tricked into believing that she was going to be offered accommodation once she got into the home the reality of her plight became only too apparent.  She was a prisoner in a household where even a five-year-old child treated her like she was nothing.

Thankfully, she escaped the clutches of these pitiful example of human beings they are now serving three years and twenty months prison term. That is exactly where they belong.

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