Teenage School Girls short of sanitary products

I am appalled and so should, the electorate, our teenage school children in this the 21st Century are unable to afford sanitary products.

A media report, states that a 13-year old along with her mother has spearheaded a campaign in a bid to tackle ‘period poverty’. As a result, Milton Keynes Council has announced it will now offer free sanitary products in schools, colleges and academies.

It would appear that ‘period poverty’ is a real problem nation-wide and, hundreds of teenagers are missing school because they cannot afford basic sanitary towels or tampons.

I respect the courage of this 13-year old, which brought forth and highlighted the problems teenagers are having during their menstrual cycle. In my opinion, this government is responsible for the poverty that many working-class families are experiencing.

This idiotic government plans and their destruction of the welfare systems are one of the causes why parents are finding it challenging to purchase sanitary products for their teenage daughters.

I now hope that the government will take on board what Milton Keynes Council is doing to rectify the problem and, initiate the programme in every school, colleges and other educational institution so that all teenagers can continue their education uninterrupted.