Nightclub acid attacker gets 20 years prison sentence

warning acid

On a daily basis, as we read articles and reports published in our newspapers, we are amazed at the level of evil human beings are capable of committing.

We read articles in our media reports, and most of us cannot understand why another human being would stab someone to death, beat, sexual assault, not just against adults but children including toddlers and babies. Spray acid in a crowd of people in a nightclub harming so many innocent bystanders.

The latest news article to get my attention is that of a 25-year old man that has been sentenced to 20-years in prison for throwing acid in a crowd of people in a nightclub. Sixteen people suffered a chemical burn, three temporarily blind.

I am trying to determine whether people who commit these despicable crimes are born evil, or it is their environment that turned them into monsters. There as to be an explanation as to why some people are capable of committing atrocious crimes and others do not.

If some of us are born evil, there may be nothing society can do to prevent the carnage that these people will inflict on others. I am suggesting that we cannot stop serial killers, rapist, murderers, paedophiles and terrorist.

Do we have to accept that these individuals are part of society and we are powerless to prevent them from committing violent crimes, and the only recourse we have is to lock them away after they commit the crimes?

In my opinion, prevention is always better than cure, but if we cannot prevent these individuals, because they are born this way, from their reign of terror, the human race is in serious problems until we find a way to identify evil and prevent it.