Crimes in our community that challenge our faith in humanity


As a society, we come to expect crimes and criminal activities within our communities, and we hope the police and security service to be the organisations that identify arrest, charge these criminals and the courts to deals with sentencing.

However, despite our expectation of crimes, there are certain types of criminal activities that make us question our faith in humanity.

According to a media article, a pervert was, given nine life sentence for leading a paedophile ring. The six men involved in this nightmare onslaught on innocent children makes me sick to the stomach, to think that human being can be so disgusting, inhumane and pathetic.

I am so furious that I cannot bring myself to detail some of the things these sorry excuse for a human being did to these children it is best if one reads the article here:

In my opinion, prison is far too good for these bastards, but our democracy would not allow us to do anything else to them and if we did then we would be dragging ourselves into the same gutter. They should never be released from prison, keeping them out of our communities is our number one priority.