Norway vote to decriminalise drugs across the country

A media article states that Norway has voted to decriminalise drugs across the country. Norway will be the first Scandinavian country to go down the route of decriminalisation.

Apparently, Norway’s health committee was inspired by a recent visit to Portugal and looking at the country’s implementation of decriminalisation programme.

Although possession and use of drugs will still be illegal, there will be a shift in authorities attitudes towards users. They will look at individuals with drug problems as being ill rather than criminals.

However, like the Portugal system, soon to be adopted by Norway, drugs remain illegal in Portugal, growing, dealing and trafficking drugs comes with criminal penalties.

In my opinion, the only logical way to stop drugs destroying the next generation is by decriminalisation and making hard drugs available to, via prescription, to addicts. It will allow government and health authority to monitor and control drugs.

As long as there are substantial financial gains to be achieved, drugs barons will continue to find ways and means to put their poison into our communities.

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