UN Security Council to consider Trump’s controversial Jerusalem decision

The United Nation Security should not be using words like considering, Trumps controversial Jerusalem decision; it must state we are going to null and void this ridiculous statement.

We have the UN to maintain international peace; there is no way that any one member should be allowed to make an irresponsible decision such as Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel capital.

There is 15 member state that makes up the United Nation Security Council. Allowing any one of those members to alter the character, status or demographic composition of Jerusalem, as Trump is trying to do, must not be tolerated.

Of course, there may come a time when a new approach to the Middle East crisis is needed. However, to unilaterally make an inflammatory statement as Trump did, only cause more tension and death in the region and, more importantly, put innocent American lives at risk.

In my opinion, the onus is on the UN to demonstrate it has the bite and ‘null and void’ Donald Trump’s ridiculous statement regarding Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is of great importance to Christianity, Judaism and Islamic religion. There should be nothing haphazardly done to upset that balance. The city status must be resolved by negotiations not by an idiotic individual.