Owen Smith More Appealing to Voters

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For weeks the Labour party that should be united and concentrate on being an active opposition to the Conservative party is locked in a politics, sign, partyleadership battle.

It is divisive and takes the focus off more important aspects of what is currently happening in the country.  Having lost the last general election, they should be concentrating on being a formidable opposition they are fighting amongst themselves.

If an individual believes that they are bigger that the organisation, there is always going to be division.  A genuine person will put their group first and themselves secondary.

Apparently, from reports the electorate would prefer to see Owen Smith as the leader of the Labour party he appeals more to the voters in comparison to Jeremy Corbyn. In that case, Jeremy should step aside and support Owen Smith and begin the process of making the Labour party once again electable.

An active opposition is paramount to the country, and until there is recognition by members of the Labour party they are going to find themselves in the political wilderness for many years, and the voters will be the ones who suffer the consequences of their juvenile actions.

I cannot understand what it is drive individuals to believe they are indispensable and that they have a right to behave in a manner that is counter-productive to the very things they set out to achieve.

In my opinion, Jeremy Corbyn set out with adamant socialist values believing that the Labour party can treat the voters fairly. I still think he has those ideologies, but not as the leader of the party and he should recognise this and step down instead of continuing this pursuit that is tearing the heart out of the party. 

Of course, he was previously elected, as the leader but along the way many people believe he was the wrong choice, he needs to stop seriously fighting to remain, head, because if he manages even to win the vote to stay leader, I think the party will continue to be divided.  But if he steps down and endorses Owen Smith then he can help unite the party behind Owen.

Millions of Labour party voters are imploring him to do the right think they want to see their party back in the forefront of the political arena.