Parents Be Vigilant For Your Children Sake

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Every time that the media report a child being abducted it send a chill up my spine and it brought back the memory of one child that was afro american beautiful girl children with black curly hair isolkidnapped and kill by two teenage boys.  

I am angry and frustrated that another child was abducted while she was out with her mother.  According to media sources, a mother was in Primark, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear,  when two teenagers approached her child and began playing with the child. The mother did not believe that these kids were a danger to her toddler until the child was snatched.

We have to be thankful that this child was found safe, but I cannot believe these parents.  It is your responsibility to look after your kids and as far as I am concerned everyone is a potential danger to your child.  I will not let my child walk behind me, I will not let go of their hands, I watch them like a hawk. 

The frustrating aspects of this case are the age of the children that snatched this child.  What possible reasons could this 13/14 year old want with a toddler? Am not convinced that surfing information on the internet could be a contributory factor.

There is something fundamentally wrong with our young people and until we find the cause we are going to have more of this kind of antisocial behavior and the innocent is who suffer.

I am a mother and grandmother and in my opinion, there are signs that your children are going to have an antisocial tendency.  It starts from an early age, and one can either deal with the problem are burying their heads in the sand and pretend it is not happening to them.  But when you do that you are allowing your children to visit their behaviour onto the public, and this cannot be accepted.  This 13/14 year have parents, and I am interested in whether these parents recognize that there were something not quite right with their children.

Let me say I am not accusing the parents of any wrongdoing because sometimes irrespective of how hard you try as a parent some kids are just born with an antisocial tendency, which is what I believe and nothing will change my mind on that score.  So with that in mind, I would beg all parents to watch your children protect them at all cost, we will not be able to eradicate totally the behaviour displayed by those two but we can certainly make it tough for them.