Launching a Nuclear Missiles easier said than done

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Since the creation of nuclear bombs they were always nothing more than a deterrent and if a country has these bombs then other countries would be hesitant about attacking them.

Well, we know that is not true because the US is one of the powers that have a nuclear arsenal and that did not stop the terrorist from attacking the US and murdering thousand of people in what is now famously called 9/11.  So really any civilized democratic country and its government would not pull a nuclear trigger because of the fallout and consequences that would follow.

Why you may ask I am ranting about this subject, it is simply according to the media Theresa May thinks she can pull the nuclear trigger and kill thousands of women men and children.  In my opinion, that is big talk but when it comes down to doing that it would take someone without a conscience to even contemplate that kind of carnage.

Nobody can win a nuclear war, and that is why with all of the armed conflicts that we have seen in Iraq and Afghanistan no-one set off atomic bombs because the consequences to everyone would be dire.

If we cast our mind back to Chernobyl, this was a nuclear plant accident that happens on the 26 April 1986, and took over 500,000 thousand workers and cost about 18 billion rubles.   The fallout of this disaster was felt for years so just imagine someone launching nuclear missiles into another country.

I am not saying that we should not update our nuclear arsenal, but I am very skeptical of anyone who would not think twice about committing murder, and that whats it would be and as they say talk is cheap, and action is much more costly.  No one has to pretend that they are so tough they have no compunction in killing people.  It is easy to achieve your goals without pretending that there is nothing you cannot do, and if the PM believes her stance on nuclear weapons makes her appear to be strong  she’s wrong