Police Officer Assaulting Police Officers – Really

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An article appearing in the media stating that a London police officer has been, sentenced for assaulting police officers called to reports of Police Officerdomestic violence, I find quite hilarious.

Well, I never, unbelievable this just demonstrates that even police officers are human beings, and regardless of the fact that they should know better, there are times when like most humans they do stupid things.

The only aspects of this story that worries me if this was a member of the general public that assaulted officers causing them to suffer neck and wrist injuries, would they be given a £900 fine and twelve months Community order-  I do not think so. 

In my opinion, I believe the judicial system was lenient with him because he his a police officer.  But is that fair, he his suspended from his job, wreck his career and will no doubt have a criminal record? – Maybe the punishment is appropriate in the circumstance.

We hold police officers to a higher standard than what is called ordinary citizen.  They have to show that they have the ability to act professionally in any circumstance that present itself, unfortunately, that officer fail in every aspect of what was still his duty to protect and serve.