Using a cement mixer, kebab shop supplier jailed for 4 months

Restaurant and fast food outlets have become a way of life; we tend to grab fast food because it makes our lives easier. A meal in a restaurant with friends, family or your partner is something we take for granted.

However, in the last couple of days restaurant had come under scrutiny when one near Hyde Park corner was found to have rat droppings, cockroaches, labelled the dirtiest in the world. The owner banned from managing a restaurant indefinitely and found £12,000 in fines.

Today the spotlight is on a kebab shop supplier who uses a cement mixer to process meat. The 60-year old man was, caught with six tonnes of poultry that was, classified as being unfit for human consumption.

According to the media report the company was fined £30,000 and ordered to pay £23,760 in prosecution cost the Local Council was, granted a ‘Prohibition Order’ banning the kebab supplier from managing a food business in the future.

I do understand that we cannot judge another food establishment by the standards of this kebab supplier or the Greek restaurant. But, we are human beings, and we would not be honest if we do not think before buying a kebab or eating in a restaurant, wondering if what we are chewing is prepared in the highest of health standards.

For a company to admit 21 offences of contravening or failing to comply with EU provision for food safety and hygiene regulations, demonstrate the lack of respect for the customer and gross misconduct by a company or individual that provides food for human consumption.

A diabolic behaviour and in my opinion, he should have been jailed for 24 months.