Pregnant woman kicked in the stomach loses baby

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How many more Teachers and Students must die

Unbelievable, that yet another ten innocent people lost their lives and, ten more suffered injuries following another school shooting. How many more students and teachers must die before the United States idiotic government do something […]

A pregnant woman with just five days to go, to her due date lost her unborn child when she was, kicked in the stomach by her partner.

According to a media report, the 19-year old was, kicked in the stomach by her 37-year old partner who told her while she was in pain not to call the ambulance to avoid social services getting involved.

Her partner was, jailed for two years and nine months, but the frustrating aspect of this case is the fact the Prosecution did not charge the man with murdering the baby.

What kind of message or we sending to people like that, when we say a baby that was full term is not a human being and therefore, you can kick a pregnant woman in the stomach, kill the baby, but you will not be, charged because the baby is not a human.

In my opinion, this Prosecution service needed their head examined; it is disgraceful and one that we should be outraged. I do not like the message that this Prosecutor is sending to a vile individual such as this 37-year old monster.