Woman convicted and jailed for forcing daughter to marry man

In what is being hailed a legal first in the UK a woman has been jailed for four and a half years for forcing her teenage daughter to marry an older man in Pakistan,

According to the media article, the woman duped her daughter into thinking they were going to Pakistan on a family holiday. However, the full horror of what was about to happen to the 17-year old was made clear upon arrival. She was forced to marry a 33-year-old male relative.

It came to light that the same person years previous, had taken her virginity when she was only 13-years old, and she had become pregnant and had to have an abortion when she returned to the UK.

The mother was convicted at a trial at Birminghman Crown Court, for practising to deceive the victim. In sentencing her, the Judge commented that she cruelly deceived her daughter, who was alone, frighten and held against her will. But the mother still wants to lay the blame on her child and not accepting any responsibility for her selfish actions. He also added that the daughter courage and respect for the truth throughout the proceedings had been admirable.

In my opinion, we should not disrespect traditions or cultures. However, customs and traditions have to move with the times. The younger generation perspective of arranged marriage is different from that of their parents.

So, it is crucial that parents, especially those residing in countries such as the UK, USA, and Canada are allowed to practice their traditions and custom. But when it comes to arranged marriages, this should only be done with the full knowledge and consent of their children. Forcing arranged marriage on their children are counterproductive and can land them in prison.