Recruitment Agency Disregarding Equality Legislations

Close up on a file tab with the text recruitment plus a note where it is handwritten talents. Blur effect. Concept image for illustration of head hunter.

According to a media report a recruitment agency, namely Matching Models is blatantly disregarding equality legislation by the advertising that they are posting.

Apparently, one of Matching Models advert for a personal assistant requires a candidate having a classic look, long brown hair, with a b-c cup bra size.  What does the size of someone breast have to do with being a personal assistant? – Are you kidding me?

Another advert requests a female driver to drive a Porsche Cayenne for two days per week, with a salary of between £40,000 t0 £50,000 per year, for a Knightsbridge-based businessperson.  Who the hell pays someone to drive them for two days per week on that type of salary.  – Ridiculous.

There are, in my opinion, many categories that prostitution takes and this recruitment agency fall in one of the groups.  Which one I am not sure.  – Appalling.

The reasons we have equality legislation is to prevent companies from advertising this kind of crap and to ensure that everyone, regardless of sex, creed, religion, or even personal appearance, is treated fairly and equally in competing for jobs.

If anyone wants to understand what is wrong with the world, we live in just look at that recruitment agency, and you will see the reasons.  This company demonstrates disrespect, gross misconduct, and incredibly old behaviour and this is where the government should intervene.

The whole ghastly story can be, found at