Refilling Drinking Water Bottle Unhygienic

My Opinion

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Millions of people every day will refill their water bottle especially when you are in the gym exercising, and this is something done without even thinking about any health Water bottleconsequences.

Now according to a media report refilling your water bottle and drinking from same is unhygienic because of the number of bacteria that thrive on moisture.  In fact, the suggestion is that we could be giving ourselves something very nasty.

There is an even advice about the type of bottles they are slide-top, squeeze top, screw-top, and straw-top bottles.  The report states regarding bacteria hosting that slide-top is the worse in second place squeeze-top, third screw-top.  However, straw-top came out the cleanest.

Our health is crucial, so to be given information about any aids that we use and the potential risk they may carry the onus is on us to change the way that undertakes that activity.  But just imagine the cost to us if we were to purchase bottle water continuously every time we need on.  Of course, cost should never be an issue when it comes to our well-being, but one has to be practical.

There was not only doom and gloom in the report the organisation that undertakes the research suggest that we should purchase stainless steel canteen or flask, never leaving it full for any extended period of time and put them through the dishwasher as often as possible.

Following the report, I will indeed be changing the way in which I use my water bottles having read the article I will not be able to re-use the water bottle without thinking of the health risk.