Rendition, Inhuman, Undignified and Barbaric

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According to a media report, the Supreme Court backed a Court of Appeal ruling that an ex-Libyan dissident can go head and sue former Foreign Secretary Jack PoliticianStraw over allegations of abduction and torture.

During the Iraq, Afghanistan and the destruction of the Twin Towers, known as 9/11, there were rumours that certain countries were arresting hundreds of so-called terrorist and sending them to countries where they could be tortured for information.  It was alleged that organisations, especially in the United States and the United Kingdom, were using this method called rendition.

Irrespective of what one’s views are on terrorism, it is inhuman for anyone to be tortured for information.  In my opinion, an individual that is being tortured will say anything, they will implicate their own mother if it will stop them being systematically tortured.

If the media reports are correct the former Libyan dissident stated that in order to prevent him suing Jack Straw the former Foreign Secretary would have to apologise and give him the token £1 in damages.  That is a pie in the sky request, why would Jack Straw want to apologise for something that would make it appear that he knew that this individual was part of any rendition plans.

The United Kingdom, as far as I am aware do not use or should torture any prisoner on British soil, or be a part of any government plans that allow another country to carry out torture on a human being.  But, if media reports or to be believed, Britain allowed two secret CIA rendition flights to land on British soil and suspects were torture on British Territory Diego Garcia.

We cannot bury our heads in the sand and believe that our government do not have blood on their hands and they are doing so under the guise of protecting us.  However, if our government has to stoop to the level of the so-called terrorist then we cannot claim the moral high ground because we are no better.

Of course, we must protect our citizen’s democracy demands that each country ensures the well-being of its people, but it is the manner in which a civilised society undertake those responsibilities, in my opinion, torturing individuals because they are suspected of terrorist activities is counterproductive and wrong.

Let us see what will emerge from this Supreme Court ruling, whether the allegation against Jack Straw will actually be heard in a Court of law, is a matter of wait and see.