Why Does Anything That Trump Do Surprise Americans?

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From an outsider point of view, I do not understand why the American people are surprised at Donald Trump’s attack on Civil Rights insincere politician cartoonCampaigner, John Lewis and his previous attack on Meryl Streep.

If one should put both Donald Trump and John Lewis into the same arena to be scrutinised, one would easily recognise John Lewis achievements, dignity, integrity and an overall decent human being.  On the other hand, Donald Trump is an individual in my opinion without dignity, integrity, no intelligence and overall a pitiful excuse for a human being.

The American people may have voted for Trump to be President, but we now have an insight into how this came about, therefore it is important that the country stop trying to compare Donald Trump to anything that has to do with decency, integrity and dignity and try their best to work with what they have brought upon themselves.

The next couple of years are going to be very difficult and the American people needs to stand strong and united if they do not want to see their country fall apart.  They are already the laughing stock of the majority of the world and they now have four years to struggle to keep the country from falling into civil war and chaos.

Sometimes as human beings we need to be shaken to the core to understanding our place in this world and I believe that Donal Trump’s presidency of one of the most powerful nations on the planet is the test of what we are willing to achieve when we are placed in critical conditions, how do we unite to emerge from this darkness and we have a mere four years to demonstrate our abilities and humanities in this time of crisis.

Having read media story about Donal Trump I am beginning to have a better understanding of this person, here I have included a link to a story which may help some individual to understand what they are getting http://www.huffingtonpost.com/richard-greene/why-donald-trump-attacked_b_14171052.html