Revenge is ‘a dish best served cold’ and Karma is a bitch

They met in a karaoke club, and 15 years and five children later their story will make some men think twice about how they treat their partners.

During the time these two were supposed to be in a relationship the woman, either because of having the children too fast or overeating she gained a considerable amount of weight. She when from a size 12 to a 22. But, one would believe that if you love someone, their size would not matter, not in this case, the man who will call Jack did not care to be seen in public with his partner the mother of his children and so the treatment she received from him was appalling.

On weekends he would dress to the nines and go to all his social events accompanied by his so-called slim friends. The woman he supposed to live with and love would have to be, taken to social events by female friends and family. She would complain bitterly to her friends and, everyone who would listen, about the treatment she was receiving from him and despite several heated arguments which fell on deaf ears she did not leave him and Jack continued to live his single life even though he was supposed to be in a relationship.

Well, revenge, as they say, is ‘a dish best serve cold’ and karma is a bitch. The woman who we will call Jill because of medical problems had a gastric bypass and within a matter of eight months she when from a size 22 to a magnificent 12 and to say she look stunning was putting it mildly. With the weight loss came newfound self-esteem and she began to flaunt her new look.

Jack now decided that he want to be seen with her everywhere, she had to be his handbag, so when she decided that going out with her friends and leaving him at home, he became enraged. Suddenly, he did not want her to go anywhere unless he was accompanying her, he no longer finds that going out by himself and spending the weekends on the road until early morning attractive any more.

Jill cannot get past the way he treated her when she was overweight, and she is now determined to show him how it feels when your partner makes you feel insecure, hate yourself and only loves you when you are a size 12. The boot his now on the other foot and he’s the one who his feeling left out and whether he will learn from his mistake is a big if.

In my opinion, two wrongs do not make a right, and of course, sometimes we believe paying people back for the way they treat us gives us power. Unfortunately, it will empower us for a short while, but we should strive to demonstrate that we have better integrity and show the person who wrongs us that there is a better way and, furthermore do not stay in a relationship to spite someone it can backfire as is the moral of this story.