Headlines that are either serious or downright hilarious

A 14-year old schoolboy stabbed his classmate when she rejected his advances. She told him she only liked him as a friend. Thankfully she survives the attack, but it makes one wonder why a 14-year old boy would do such an awful thing to another human being.

Next, a married couple when to the doctor because they failed to conceive a child, They found out that for the four years they have been married the man was having sex with his wife in her bottom. How naive can one be, did they not have access to books that demonstrate how pregnancy occurs. I find this story a bit out there, but stranger things happen in life.

A 54-year old woman who tried to bite off her ex’s balls walked freed from the court. She was cleared of malicious castration because the juror believes her when she told them that she was defending herself from an attack by her partner. Sometimes life is stranger than fiction so who are we to judge.

In another news article, a 54-year old school bus driver was, charged with endangering children when she closed the windows and vents on a hot bus to punish naughty children. These were six to 11-year-old children and although they may have been noisy, loud and behaving in an anti-social manner that is what children their ages tend to do, did not justify her outrageous behaviour.

A convicted child killer who was, released after serving 33 years in prison was, stabbed to death by neighbours. He was, found in a pool of blood stabbed multiple times in the home he lived for only six weeks. He was, convicted of murdering a 17-month-old baby. These villagers should never have taken the law into their hands. What they did made them no better than the deceased.

These are just some of the stories that appear in the media. In my opinion, the news article we see emerging in our newspapers is cause for concern and we have to ask the question is our world getting better or worse. For me, it is getting worst, and I see no chance it will improve, not in my lifetime.