Seven Forms of Cancer Linked to Alcohol

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I believe that for some time now we are aware that alcohol can be detrimental to our bodies, but we still consume an enormous amount on a CANCER CELLdaily basis. 

We can no longer bury our heads in the sand and pretend that the damage is not a big deal.  According to a report published in the Guardian, analysis has implicated development of liver, breast and other types of cancer to alcohol.  They determine that even moderate drinking can put one at risk.

The study according to the news report has called for drinkers to have a drink free day.

It is paramount that we educate ourselves as to the potential damages that we are inflicting on our bodies.  I know that sometimes we believe that there are so many studies that people what we are doing wrong, what should or shouldn’t consume but accepted as a guideline in our lives we have the potential to make adequate decisions.


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