Have Feeling Change 1 Month After Brexit

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It has been one month since the UK referendum on leaving the EU. Personally, I have not seen are heard any convincing debate that leaving the EU would be in the best interest of the UK.

However, according to a media report over 1000, adults was interviewed, by COMRes via telephone about post-referendum feelings and the results as published in the media is quite surprising. It suggests that Sixty-one percent of people did not believe that a referendum should be used to make vital decisions about the future of Britain.  Twelve percent of people polled had fallen out with family or friends over the Brexit results, and eighty-one percent believes that referendum could get individuals who do not usually vote interested politics.

There is a suggestion that the majority of the leave ballot came from first-time voters. In my opinion, first-time voters were voting from an emotional rather than economic point of view. 

The results that I believe is the most important of all is the people who said that they had fallen out with their family and friends over the referendum results, which just goes to show how emotive this issue was and the extreme to which some people take the results.

In my opinion, I believe the rift in the country caused by the referendum will continue to haunt the country for a very long time.  We will not know how deep those sentiments will run until Britain leave the EU and the left turn out to be either positive or negative.