Fire tragedy in New York City kills 12 including a child

First, we have four members of a family murdered in New York, and now 12 people including a child lost their lives in an apartment block fire.

According to a media report, 12 people lost their lives in what is called the worst fire tragedy New York City has seen. The inferno leaves another four people fighting for their lives and a score of other injuries.

Apparently, the fire started on the first floor of a Bronx apartment complex and spread very quickly to the upstairs. It has been, stated that the quick response of the FDNY, 12 people was, rescued.

The FDNY Commissioner suggests, according to the media report, that the tragedy without question, historic in its magnitude. The Mayor stated that it was the worst fire they have seen in the city for many years.

From the other side of the pond, our condolences go out to the families affected, hoping they will have the resolve to get through this critical period in their lives.