Starbuck Manager called police on two ‘Black men’

I am angry annoyed and disgusted that in this the 21st-century Black people continued to be treated not only disrespectfully but that their still despicable human beings in our society.

According to a media article, two Black men when into the Starbuck in Philadelphia for a meeting and they were, arrested because the manager called the police on them.

The incident is so appalling that it is best for the readers to see the original article. Read more here:

It would appear that there are still individuals who are prepared to treat sections of our community with utter disrespect. They continue their slavery mentality and believe that every Black man is an unemployed drug dealer, that go around murdering innocent people.

In every community, there are bad apples, but ‘Black people, especially young men are continuously picked on, because of the colour of their skin. Enough, we have contributed to every aspect of society, we are, educated, we bleed like every other race, and we are no longer asking to be, treated equally.

The ‘Black community demands that their rights are, no longer violated by politicians, police, racist and the egoistic idiots within our communities.