Windrush immigrants immigration debacle

Why would anyone be surprised at what is happening to the Windrush immigrants, is beyond me, these are ‘Black’ people.

The UK begged and pleaded with immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean during 1948 – 1971. Britain needed cheap labour to rebuild the country after the second world war; they came in their thousands to build the so-called ‘Motherland’.

Re-building has been, achieved now, and in my opinion, that is why the landing cards were, destroyed because the government knew that some residents would not be able, once the landing cards were gone to prove they have the right to be in the UK and they could deport them without repercussions.

To add insult to injury even the children of those unable to provide proof of residence were affected by this callous antiquated government move to deport legitimate people from the country, people who have given up to 50 years of their lives.

However, according to a media article, there is a change in the mood towards immigration. The report also suggested that a former Head of Civil Service revealed that some coalition ministers had privately regarded Theresa May’s approach as ‘reminiscent of Nazi Germany’. They did and said nothing, so in my opinion, they cannot now take the moral high ground.

In my opinion, Windrush immigrants who did not trust any government sort out their paperwork. But those who believe their landing papers were all they needed to remain or now finding out that the destruction of those papers by the Home Office in 2010 has left them with no evidence to prove they had a right to be in the UK.

As reported in the media there are many people from the so-called Windrush generation, pre-1971 immigration from the Caribbean who cannot produce proof of citizenship, some lost their jobs, denied free health care, and all this happens because of Theresa May immigration rules.

Therefore, if the Windrush generation cannot trust this government then the Europeans who she promised will not have their rights violated after Brexit, has no chance.

What is happening to the Windrush people is racist, bigotry, scandalous and more importantly inhumane, this must stop now, and those illegal deported returned to the UK immediately.