Students in Texas can bring guns to class – What?


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Are you kidding me, doesn’t the US have as much gun crimes and instead of trying to get rid of guns they are now making it legal for Gun with magazine and ammostudents to arm themselves.

I have never read anything so ridiculous, apparently, in Texas it is legal for a 21-year-old  with a permit to carry a concealed handgun into campus classrooms.

It is like I do not believe what I am reading, considering the number of students that have died in US school shootings, you would have thought the authority would be legislating to prevent individuals getting their hands on a gun. What they have done with this Texas law is to, in my opinion, make it easier for gun crimes to be carried out on the school campus.

What will happen now in Texas School campus when students have a disagreement how will they resolve them as if they are at the O K carol. Come on what is the level of these people’s thinking; a school campus is not the place for students to be carrying around a gun. 

How many more people have to die, families destroyed before the law-maker make it hard to acquire a gun. 

I am shock, stun and in total disbelief – absolutely appalling decision.