Misogyny – No Tolerance For Hate Crime

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Antisocial behaviour by anyone cannot be accepted and particular when it comes to activities base on hatred against another person.Hate crime word cloud

Misogynistic hate crimes are just as heinous, and I agree that it should be taken very seriously and therefore applaud Nottinghamshire Police for pursuing this hate crime.

The reported abuse hurled at a Nottingham Centre Manager who as instrumental in getting the police to class misogyny as a hate crime, is unacceptable.  There should be no way that social media should be used to target individual in any way.  

It is important that we do not censor freedom of speech, but what society cannot tolerate is abuse, threats, unwanted physical contact or violence level at a woman because she is a female.

In my opinion, men who target a female because of her gender are archaic, out-dated and still believe they are back in the stone-age.  They seem to forget that women have the right not to be pestered or bother by their draconian behaviour. 

I think that social media have a responsibility to ensure users are protected, and they should withdraw the account of anyone who verbally abuse, threaten, or harass fellow users on their site be it male or female.