Supports threatened 78 year old pensioner who stabbed intruder

Unbelievable, but according to a media report, the 78-year old pensioner that stabbed a 37-year old intruder in his home has been threatened by the man’s supporters.

Apparently, it will cost the taxpayers £15,000 to cover the cost for the police present at the burglar’s funeral.

The 78-year old senior citizen that protected himself in his own home as to be living in hiding because of the dead man’s supporters. They have embarked on threats and intimidation against an individual that was protecting himself against a person who broke into his home.

Where do these ridiculous poor excuse for human beings get off persecuting a person for defending themselves? He did not stab the 37-year old in the streets, pub, restaurant, or any public environment, he was stabbed in the pensioner home, which in my opinion, he has a right to defend.

The media labelled the dead man as a career criminal and the outcome of his intrusion in the senior citizen home could have turned out different. It could have been the 78-year old that was being buried by his family. I am pleased he successfully defended himself.

If one of my children violated the home of someone and got killed I would be looking at myself and analysing what I could have done to prevent them turning out in that way. I would certainly not be blaming the individual who defended themselves.

I cannot understand why anyone would refer to the pensioner “a murdering scumbag that deserves all he got”. They seem to conveniently forget he was in his own home. The police have every reason to release him, the last time I looked self-defence is rooted in our legal system, and no one should be penalised for defending their home, family or life.

In my opinion, those who are defending the dead man or enablers and maybe if they had taken the opportunity to show him the errors of his criminal ways, he would not have broken into another person’s home and might still be alive. They should think about that and leave the 78-year old man alone.