Donald Trump should get his facts right before opening his mouth


According to a media article, Donald Trump compares London to a ‘war zone’ because of the number of knife crimes, ridiculous.

The people of the UK are not burying their heads in the sand. We know that we have a serious problem where knife crimes are a concern and that the 38 lives lost to stabbings are unacceptable.

However, if Donald Trump wishes to justify the continuous gun culture in the USA he should do so without his idiotic comparison of the UK knife crimes.

The USA lacklustre gun culture in their so-called rights to bear arms have seen hundreds of people killed. From Las Vegas, Columbine, Sandy Hook Elementary, Virginia Tech, and the list goes on of individuals that died as a result of a mass shooting.

In my opinion, Donald Trump should get his facts right before casting aspersions on another country. Gun culture is part and parcel of the USA and, they are quick to point out their 2nd Amendment rights. So accept that fact and continue to endorse your gun culture, but leave his stupid comment about the UK.

Let the USA keep their archaic attitudes towards guns and we will do everything humanly possible to curtail knife crimes. At least we accept we have a problem and we are certainly not justifying bad behaviour.