Teenage girl kidnapped and beaten over lost heroin and cocaine

The harsh reality of getting involved with drugs and pushers was made clear to a teenage girl. When she was, kidnapped beaten and threatened with a gun over the lost of cocaine and heroin.

According to a media article the drug dealers kidnapped, the teenager drove her around in a car and subjected her to 5 hours of torture, for losing what they claimed was, £1,000 worth of cocaine and heroin she supposedly lost.

Apparently, the teenager agreed to bag up the drug for the gang, but she was, duped into leaving the drugs at a flat that belong to a friend. However, when she could not produce the drugs, she was taken in a car and endure five hours of torture by the gang.

All members of the gang were caught and tried at Southwark Crown Court, having been found guilty they were sentenced to 12, 11 and six years imprisonment.

The article suggested that they threaten the teenager father to pay them the £1,000. In my opinion, had they not done that they may have gotten away with their criminal activities, and continue to plague the community of Thornton Heath and Croydon with their diabolic behaviour.

These men are between the age of 19, 20, 21, and 22 who have been, sent to prison. Their attitude prompted the Judge to comment that they thought they were untouchable, considering themselves above the law. He also added that It never occurred to them that the victim would report them to the police.

We hope that the length of the sentence will deter others in the community from drug pushing, and prevent further targeting of our children turning them into addicts.