Rapper uses Brits Award performance to remind us of the Grenfell Tower fire victims

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Grenfell Tower fire on Wednesday 14 June 2017, took the lives of 71 people and leaving scores homeless. It was a tragedy that not only amazes the nation but left them very angry.

According to a media article, a well-known Rapper used his Brits award performance to attack the Prime Minister and highlighted the government lack of funding for the survivors of the Grenfell Tower tragedy. He also paid tribute to those who lost their lives.

It would appear from the news article that some politicians praised the Rapper for what they believed is him speaking the truth about the government ineffectiveness in respect of the Grenfell victims.

The Rapper is not the only person who thinks that the Grenfell victims got a raw deal. Justice 4 Grenfell campaign group said the critical issues were being ignored or downplayed and, they were acting to keep the tragedy in the minds of the electorate.

Do I agree with the sentiments of the Rapper, Justice 4 Grenfell and the politicians that made comments, of course, I do. A national tragedy like Grenfell should never have happened given the warning signs that were available to the authority.

Nevertheless, it did, and the government must be, seen as doing everything in their power to rectify the problems. They cannot bring back the dead but, they can make life much better for the survivors, which means a safe place to live and compensation to the loved ones left behind.

We do not want to hear that since the fire £58.29 million has been committed to helping those displaced. It is imperative that the money is, spend on survivors not just earmarked.