The British people believes multiculturalism has failed


According to a media article, two in five Brits believes that multiculturalism has failed. Apparently, this is the findings of a new survey.

In my opinion, this happens to be a load of rubbish designed to rile up the racist in the British society. If multiculturalism failed, it is because the so-called Brits do not understand the meaning of multiculturalism.

After the second world war and the devastation of England, the Brits turned to places like the Caribbean, Ireland, India, Pakistan and other nations to rebuild the British cities, roads, and infrastructure.

The majority of the people who came from the so-called West Indies, took the mantle up to rebuild Britain worked in the postal service, underground, health service and all the other areas where their skills were needed. I suppose that the Brits believe that these individuals were coming here to build back the country and they would not have children and once the country and economy were back they would go back to their country of origin, a load of bull.

Any country that has more than one race of people living within is in my opinion, multicultural. In the UK we have Blacks, Whites, Indians, Pakistanis, Arabs, Europeans, Chinese, and Japanese and that is as multicultured as you can get.

It is not that multiculturalism failed, it is because the vast majority of Brits do not understand the concept. A multicultural society is here to stay and whether the Brits like it or not there is no turning back the tide. We have to learn to live among each other with peace, dignity and integrity and realise that in each race there are undesirables and we must work together to remove them from her communities.