The Face of Pure Evil, Sian Blake’s Killer

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It takes, in my opinion, pure evil for someone to bludgeon anyone to death and especially when it is carried out on vulnerable children.woman children single

According to a media report, Sian Blake, former Eastenders actress was killed along with both her eight and four years old children, by her partner who believed she was about to leave him.

Apparently, he murdered each of them with heavy blows with a blunt object then bury them in a shallow grave in the back garden of the home they shared.

This callous, evil, poor excuse for a human being then text family members pretending to be Ms. Blake, a charade he kept up until his plans were unmasked. After committing the crimes, he was about to leave the UK for Ghana when he texts a friend to say that he had, in fact, murder the family.

There is no information as to how the police captured him, but obviously, he was and subsequently plead guilty to the offences. He will be, sentenced tomorrow, and it is, expected that he would get whole life incarceration.

I am anti the death penalty because I do believe that if a mistake his make where someone is wrongly convicted and put to death if the truth then emerges that exonerate that person you cannot then bring them back. But there are certain crimes that I wish we had the death penalty in the UK and this is one of them.

In order, to see the face of the monster responsible for this heinous crime, please go to