Kim Kardashian West Robbed at Gun Point

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According to a media report, Kim Kardashian West was robbed at gunpoint, tied up and left in the bathroom of the residence, she was Gun with magazine and ammostaying in Paris.

Of course, we all know about Kim and her reality show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’. Irrespective, of who she is it cannot be a pleasant experience to have a gun pointed at you, wondering whether these criminals were going to leave you alive or dead.

She his a mother of two and it must have been tough for her at that moment.  We sigh a breath of relief that she was physically unharmed, but does not lessen how terrified she must have been in that situation.

It angers me that these so-called sorry excuses for human beings believe they have the right to terrify people because of their financial status.  They think they should take away people’s personal possession and scared them.

What, or who gives them the rights to terrorise other because of their inadequacies to provide for themselves.  These criminals believe that they should go through life stealing other people belongings.  I am furious. 

It does not matter whether the individuals is affluent or a beggar on the street no one has the right to take what doesn’t belong to them. 

I hope the five men involved in robbing Kim are caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  It is such an invasion of privacy when individuals barge or force themselves into your abode and then have the gall to point a gun at your face, then proceed to take your property and in some cases your life. 

My anger knows no boundary against these scourges of society and if I had my way they would lose their hands, see how many times they can rob others.