The UK gun laws are effective Mr Trump, we do not want your system

According to a media report, Donald Trump wants the UK to relax its gun laws so that its citizen can arm themselves.

I would like to inform Mr Trump that we are quite content with our gun laws and we do not want the UK or its citizen to undergo the continuous gun massacre that occurs in the US.

In comparing mass shootings in the UK and US, for example in the UK the following occurred, August 1987, Hungerford shooting 16, dead, March 1996, Dunblane, Scotland, 18 killed and June 2010, Cumbria, England, 12 dead. A total of 46

Let’s look at the US mass shooting deaths, Las Vegas, 2017, 59 dead, 2016 Orlando Night Club, 50, Virginia Tech 2007, 33. 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary school 28, 2017, Sunderland Springs Church, 27, 1991, Luby’s 24, 1984, San Ysidro McDonalds, 22. 1966, University of Texas, 18, 2015, San Bernardino, 16, 1986 Edmond Post office 15, 1999, Columbine High School, 15, 2009, Binghamton, 14, 1949, Camden, 13, 1982, Wilkes-Barre, 13, 2009, Fort Hood, 13, 2013, Washington Navy yard, 13, 2012, Aurora, 12, 2009, Geneva county 11, 1990, GMAC 10, 2015, Umpqua Community college, 10. A total of 403.

Therefore, Mr Trump, do not tell us about relaxing our gun controls until you can do something in your country to stop the systematic killing of innocent, school children, college student, church-going people and all the rest of the people that have died, because of the US obsession with the 2nd Amendment.

I believe it is condescending that Donald Trump feels the need to suggest to the UK how we should operate our gun policies. That is one of the reason why should he visit the UK there is going to be a mass demonstration against his visit.