Mob mentality is disgraceful, counterproductive and demeans the community

My Opinion

Police Officer Charged Over Smashing Windscreen Incident

police officer

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. When groups are individuals take it upon themselves to decide guilt or innocence, we end up with chaos and mayhem.

According to a media article, police was forced to form a line to protect a suspected paedophile, suspect being the operative word, from a mob in Ellerby, Hull. They wanted to harm the man because of rumours that he was, accused of sexual offences against children.

The 31-year old suspect was, taken away in a police van. Apparently, one of the police van windows was, smashed by the mob throwing stones.

In my opinion, we do not want to know that there are individuals in our communities that could potentially harm our children. However, we should never allow rumours to destroy the village or other people’s lives. It has been proven time after time individuals are branded as paedophiles only to find after, investigations they are declared innocent, 90 percent of the time their lives are, ruin forever.

Mob mentality against anyone is counterproductive, especially when the community has no proof and their behaviour stems from unsubstantiated rumours. As human beings, we have security services that are qualified to deal with our suspicions or concerns, and we should allow them to do their jobs without hindering the process by acting up.