These Children are Labelled Benefit Babies

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single mother children fourThere is a  presumption that if and when you have children you should be in a position to support them financially, and emotionally.  You should not have more than you can effectively manage.

Today I am livid because time after time there are reports that state that unemployed women on benefits have four or five children and is demanding that their housing need must be a priority.  These are the people who complain when refugee families accommodation need are prioritised.  They forget that these individuals are fleeing carnage and mayhem in their country and escaping is the only way to save their lives.

I am ranting about this topic because of an article in the news which states that a 28-year-old woman with five children, has not worked for ten years, believes the authority should provide her with an ample accommodation so that her children can have their space.

In my opinion, she knew that she did not have adequate housing, has no job did not own her home and instead of rectifying her current problem decide to bring more children into the situation and then have the gall to believe that the authority should be responsible for the decisions that she makes – ridiculous.

There is no way in which we can blame the children for the selfish decisions of their parent.  But when you look at most affluent family those that can more afford a large family, they tend to have one are two children.  Wealthy people with a large family are not the norm; they are the exception to the rule.

What kind of life are you giving your children when they are so many of them crammed into a tiny apartment, and instead of finding ways to get them into a better housing, these young people behave like a baby machine.  They do not think about the future of these children, and they continue to live on benefits.

The benefit system was established to help those that are in needs, not to be used as a blueprint to not working and making demands on authority because you do not have the ability to recognise that having these amount of children and not being able to care for them in the manner a parent should is diabolical.