Lord Mayor of Sheffield bans Donald Trump from the city

Donald Trump is scheduled to visit the UK on Friday 13 July and, so far his impending visit has stirred up a ‘hornet’s nest’.

According to media reports, 28-year-old Lord Mayor of Sheffield branded Donald Trump a ‘wasteman’ and banned him from visiting the city of Sheffield. The Mayor also took a photograph wearing a sombrero to show solidarity with the Mexican people.

There are also plans for a giant blimp showing the US President dressed as a giant baby. The organiser has been given the go-ahead to fly over Parliament Square, during his visit.

In my opinion, if I were in Donald Trump’s position, I would decline the visit. If the country and its people think so little of the President of one of the biggest democracy on Earth, it goes to show there is no respect whatsoever for the man or the office he holds.

The President of the United States should have the capability to pull together the rest of the world in unity. A person with the ability to resolve conflicts not instigate them. Donald Trump has done absolutely nothing constructive since he becomes the US President that demonstrates he has leadership abilities.

If memory serves me right me must be the first US President in the 21st century that has such a negative impact on the British people, so much so that a massive demonstration is, planned for his visit. Although his coming to the UK is, categorised as ‘working’ rather than official, the British public would prefer he stays in the US.