Truck driver found toddler walking alone on dual carriageway at 1am

The first thing to say is that the child has been, reunited with his parents and, he his unharmed.

I am at a lost and, the media article has given no clues or indications as to why a toddler was found walking alone on the A43 Northampton dual carriageway at 1 am in the morning.

Apparently, a 35-year old Sainsbury truck driver saw the child; he was holding his shoes and walking by himself. The driver, according to the media article, stopped and picked up the child who was freezing, called the police and the child was, taken to the local police station.

The media report suggest he was, held at the police station under safeguarding measures and reunited with his parents at 4.45am.

In my opinion, that must be the luckiest child in the world; this incident could have turned out so differently. I can only hope that there is a good reason or explanation for the parents of this child not to be, charged with neglect of a minor.