Prank 911 call caused the death of innocent 28 year old man

It is unfortunate when a police officer has reasons to shoot anyone taking their life, but losing one’s life because of a prank call, called ‘swatting’ is dangerous and deplorable.

According to a media article, a 28-year old man was shot and killed by a Los Angeles police officer following a prank call.

Apparently, a 25-year old man called 911 stating that he had shot his father in the head and his holding his sibling and mother at gunpoint. Police officers surround the home believing they had a hostage situation. The 28-year old appeared at the door; it was, alleged he made a hand move towards his waistband, at which time a police officer feared for his life fire a single shot, the man died a few minutes later in hospital.

Unbelievable, that someone could use a prank to cause the death, of another human being. Although the officer has been, placed on administrative leave pending an investigation, he his not in my opinion, responsible for the death of this young man.

A ghastly prank by an idiotic 25- year old, he put in place the circumstances that caused the death of the young man and therefore, he should be, prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

People need to understand that 911 or for an emergency when individuals need help from either the police or fire brigade service and, I hope if convicted he his sent to prison for a long term so that people understand you cannot use the emergency service for a stupid prank.