Turkey- Lowering Age of Consent to 12 – Are you serious


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According to a media report, a ruling by Turkey top court removes a legal provision that sexual acts against children under fifteen are abuse. This new legal status will come into effect January 2017.

Apparently, children ages 12, 13, and 14 will not receive automatic protection as a minor sparking outrage as expert believes this ruling will Turkey Flag ,lead to sex with consenting children as young as 12 years old.

There is no doubt such decision would cause spark outrage not only in Turkey but across every decent well adjusted civilise society who’s citizen cannot believe in a climate where most countries are struggling to stop children being misuse that Turkey would want to put a legitimate stamp on that horrific mistreat on children. 

What possible reason could any country want to allow 12 years old to give consent to sexual activities, it is bad enough that we know that children as young as eight years old forced into marriage, but this ruling is diabolical archaic and has no place in a decent modern society.

In my opinion, Turkey should not be allowed to accede to the European Union until it reverses this draconian ruling.  Should Turkey be accepted in the Union which such law, the European community will be condoning the misuse of a minor? And I do not believe that the rest of the member states believes this legal provision should have a place in society.

Every civilised society should be aiming to protect the rights of children not open them up to potential abuse and making them make adult decisions until they are at the age whereby it is deemed they can formulate an effective decision that will alter their life forever, regardless of what that decision is.