15 Guantanamo Detainees Transfers to U.A.E

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The transfer of fifteen detainees to the United Arab Emirates consisting of twelve Yemeni national and three Afghans leaves a total of sixty-A prisoner in the jail.one prisoners still at Guantanamo Bay. 

According to a media report, the inmates released, had been held without charges for fourteen years, and that can never be how democratic process should ever be, and everyone irrespective of who are what they are should be, afforded the right to defend themselves.

It is a known fact that the prison was open by George W Bush former US President, January 2002.  The idea was to the jail foreign nationals suspected of terrorism.

There is no doubt that the decision based on the fact that the US saw the largest terrorist attack on their soil which is known as 9/11people was so scared of terrorism that they demand that the government did something to deter others from wanting to repeat the events of September 11.

However, in my opinion, Guantanamo Bay was a bad example of the legal democratic process.  There is nothing wrong with rounding up suspected terrorist, but you cannot hold someone for fourteen years without being charged with a criminal offence, and they should have the right to face their accuser in a court of law.

To take away a person freedom and their rights is deplorable and no matter how scared we are of terrorism and terrorist we cannot compromise our principles and allow ourselves to go down to the level of the terrorist a civilised society should never allow this to happen.

I am in agreement with President Obama comment which appears in the news, that Guantanamo Bay is contrary to the values of America and that it undermines the US standing in the world.

Do not get me wrong I believe that every government must protect its citizen from the vile activities of terrorist, but we should not do so at any cost we should never allow ourselves to infringe the rights of other individuals.