UK, 12,000 Asylum Seekers Have Vanished

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There is a media report that suggests Britain immigration is in a critical condition as figures reveal that 12,000 asylum seekers are off the Asylum word cloudradar and on the run.

Apparently, there are 77,440 asylum cases being process and one in six have failed to attend their first meeting with border chief and have disappeared.  I believe the question the UK electorate will be asking is why, where are these people, what his happening to them and how are they surviving?

There are genuine concerns that these people could be swallowed up in the so-called Black economy which according to reports is worth and estimated £150 billion.  The shadow economy takes place outside the scope of the country’s rules.  Therefore, the activities, in my opinion, are dangerous, people can be enslaved, forced to do a task they did not want to and kept captive. 

If you are undocumented what recourse do you have if you find yourself involved in the black economy? With 12,000 asylum seekers on the run in the UK the government have a responsibility to make findings these people a priority, the process of locating these individuals must start immediately, as it is imperative that either, all are found, or at least the majority.

I do not believe that we can begin to imagine what it is to be an asylum seeker and unless you go through that process there is no way in which to comprehend the severity or the nightmare of these people’s life. Of course, we know that having more people will tax our resources, but we have to be our brother’s keeper and whatever is necessary for the country to do to help these unfortunate people we must do it.