Freedom of Speech is Not the Exclusive Rights for Some

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Diane Abbot, Labour Shadow Health Secretary, may say things that many people might disagree with, but she has the rights to voice her Europe Immigrationopinions.

Many individuals believe that the Brexit leave votes had a lot to do with racism and immigration.  Anyone who kids themselves about the issues is living in cloud cuckoo land.  After Brexit leave votes, hate crimes surge by 42% in England and Wales, on the 25 June there were 289 incidents, the day after the leave votes result, was announced.

Personally, I do not know which country that LBC presenter, lives?  Because if he can honestly say that Brexit had nothing to do with racism then, he his, in my opinion, the reason that racism flourishes by burying one head in the sand and sweeping the issue under the carpet, even when the reality of the problems is staring one in the face.

One would demonstrate a level of ignorance; if we believe that 17 million people who voted in the referendum were racist.  But for the racial, crime rate to surge after the Brexit leave votes, shows that there was a level of racism in play.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I have no problem with the LBC presenter voicing his opinion aginst Diane Abbot comments.  I take offence to his remark that “if you’re a member of the Labour party, you should be running for the hills right now”.  That, I find condescending and patronising.